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Cloud VS On-Premise

The conversation over whether a cloud solution for a warehouse management system (WMS) is better than an on-premise solution is an ongoing one, and is also continually evolving. As technology improves and business needs change, so will the many requirements that are part of the package when selecting a WMS. Brian Carlson, CornerstoneEdge Principal, and Jim Noblitt, owner of TTilbon Management Consulting, have been maneuvering the supply chain space together for over 25 years. One of their strengths lies in the fact that they disagree about almost anything, including how they feel about cloud versus on-premise WMS solutions.

Here’s what they had to say:

Brian: Jim, why don’t you start us off with an explanation of the fundamental differences between on-premise and cloud-based warehouse solutions software?

Jim: I’ll break it down for our audience. The primary difference lies in where the software is hosted and how it’s maintained. On-premise solutions are installed and operated on a company’s own servers and infrastructure, typically within their premises. And cloud-based solutions are hosted on remote servers by a third-party provider, accessible over the internet.

Brian: OK, so I know you’re a big fan of cloud-based warehouse management solutions, so why don’t you tell me why? What are their primary advantages?

Jim: I think we can both agree that cloud solutions offer several benefits, like cost savings and scalability. With cloud solutions, businesses can avoid the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware, as well as the ongoing expenses associated with infrastructure management. They also…[read the full interview here]

Are you currently in the market for a new WMS or an upgrade? Perhaps you’ve reached the point where you need guidance on whether a cloud solution or on-premise on is best for your needs. That’s what we do here at CornerstoneEdge. If you’re looking to make any big changes in your warehouse, reach out, and let’s see how we can help make your supply chain your differentiator. 


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