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Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2023 – Key Takeaways

Trade shows are an excellent way to remain engaged in a particular industry, and that’s exactly what the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show did for Cornerstone Edge. We learned about new products, discussed current pain points of the outdoor industry, and gained knowledge on new, wild outdoor activities people are brave enough to participate in. As we walked the exhibit hall, we were astounded to see so many incredible products, brought under one roof by a shared passion to explore the outdoors unencumbered and fully prepared for any adventure. Read on for details on some of the products that really stood out, and to learn about the industry’s biggest pain point and focus – sustainability.

Cool Gear

#1 NIVIS Gear Jacket – One of the highlights of the show is being able to see, touch, and try out a variety of new products before they hit the shelves. We were lucky enough to try on a brand-spanking-new NIVIS Gear jacket, and it was awesome. Comfortable, lightweight, and stylish, the jacket is what everybody needs on the slopes. A perfect mix of sophistication and practicality bundled into a comfortable fit. 

#2 Black and Blum Stainless Steel Products – This UK-based company showcased its new line of stainless steel products designed specifically for use in the great outdoors. These lunchboxes, tumblers, and travel cups are all fully sealed, built to survive in the elements, and stylish to boot. Just seeing these displayed on a table gave us the itch to plan a camping trip, stat!

#3 The sheer amount and variety of camping gear presented were impressive. From ready-to-go boxes and freeze-dried foods to rooftop tents, they had it all. As more and more people continue to enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s encouraging to see so many companies creating valuable products that truly enhance the experience.

What struck us most was not just the passion for the products, but the focus on sustainability and the environment. Apparel has a significant negative impact on the environment and the vast majority of the attendees and vendors are developing products and solutions that consider the environmental impact.

Important Stuff

Of course, sustainability is on everybody’s radar, now more than ever, but this trade show really drove home the fact that it’s an issue companies are trying to remedy. So, what does sustainability mean in clothing and apparel? In the context of fashion, sustainability mainly refers to the environmental impacts of making (raw material creation, processing, and manufacturing), wearing and caring for (use), and the disposal of clothing (end of use). 

According to, about 92 million tonnes of garments end up in landfills every year, that’s like having a full truck dump clothes into a landfill every second – entirely too much. And unfortunately, most garments are only worn 7 to 10 times before they are thrown out; entirely wasteful. That’s one of the reasons folks in the outdoor industry feel a responsibility to make that change. This is why their focus is on creating products – apparel or other – that can be used for years, not just a season. The goal is to diminish, if not entirely eradicate, the throwaway culture that has taken over the globe. 

In a supply chain session at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, experts discussed that sustainability is a responsibility we all share, no matter how large or small our organization may be. A company’s entire supply chain can have a massive impact on environmental progress, which is why we believe these issues must be addressed upstream. What changes can an organization make to ensure its supply chain is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible? Changes need to be made beyond procurement, like setting science-based goals and working toward defining and achieving those targets.

One way to address sustainability in the supply chain space is to embrace green warehousing practices with a WMS. If you’re looking to make your supply chain your differentiator, while employing sustainability measures, we can help. We’ve evaluated and become familiar with over 80 software solutions over the past decade, let Cornerstone Edge guide you in what can be an overwhelming and exhausting process. Together, we can find the best WMS for your needs while hitting your sustainability targets in one fell swoop, just reach out


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