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Struggling with Reporting in Your Warehouse?

All distribution operations require accurate reporting to ensure the proper metrics are monitored for optimal efficiency. In an ideal world, an organization has access to clean data that empowers them to make critical business decisions leading to their growth and success. But we are not in an ideal world. There are countless operations working under less-than-ideal circumstances. If reporting in your warehouse is problematic, then we can help!

Read our White Paper, 3 options for using technology to address everyday challenges to Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting in your warehouse. Or read below for the main takeaways.

The problem: When key data is held in various places, sometimes with duplicate data in multiple disparate places, there is no way to standardize data elements to ensure consistency. This results in knowledge workers not having accurate and consistent data, which means reporting in your warehouse is inconsistent, making it difficult to monitor performance and make important business decisions.

There are 3 ways to address the issue:

  1. Replace the entire system
  2. Replace parts of the business application environment
  3. Keep legacy systems and augment them with a data lake

All of these options have their pros and cons, outlined in our White Paper, here.

One thing is for certain, replacing the entire system is a high-risk and expensive undertaking, and not always the right choice. When it comes to the immediate need for better reporting in your warehouse, a smaller scale and lower-cost solution that addresses reporting issues is the recommended approach. That is why option 3, Keep Legacy Systems and Augment with a Data Lake is an excellent alternative. A data lake provides the needed reporting capability, in addition to ad-hoc user reporting, MS- Excel-based reports, live Excel reports, executive dashboards, etc. A data lake can provide consistent and accurate reporting by providing its users with “a single source of the truth” rather than multiple reports from various data sources.

Get all the details by reading the White Paper today.


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